Publicly accessible & out-of-copyright texts that we used in the Marathon are collected here

Dekker’s Dramatic Works Vol.1 ed. Shepherd, 1873 – includes The Gentle Craft (aka Shoemakers Holiday), Old Fortunatus, Satiro-Mastix, The Magnificent Entertainment.

Dekker’s Dramatic Works Vol.2 ed. Shepherd, 1873 – includes Honest Whore, Whore of Babylon, Westward-Ho!

Dekker’s Dramatic Works Vol.3 ed. Shepherd, 1873 – includes Northward Ho!, Sir Thomas Wyatt, Roaring Girle, London Triumphing, If This Be Not a Good Play The Devil is in it, 

Dekker’s Dramatic Works Vol.4 ed. Shepherd, 1873 – includes Virgin Martyr, Brittania’s Honour, Match Mee in London, Wonder of a Kingdom, Sun’s Darling, Witch of Edmonton.

A Warning for Fair Women – lightly modernised by MW.

Patient Grissill – hastilie modernis’d by AB

The Spanish Moor’s Tragedy – lightly modernised by MW.

Blurt, Master Constable – lightly modernised by MW.

Satiro-Mastix or The Untrusting of the Humorous Poet

Sir Thomas Wyatt

Troja-Nova Triumphans –  in Lord Mayors’ Pageants – Being Collections Towards a History of These Annual Celebrations, with Specimens of the Descriptive Pamphlets Published by the City Poets, Parts 1-2 – begins p.252.

The Patient Man and the Honest Whore  (aka The Honest Whore Part 1)

The Royal Entry

The Honest Whore Part 2 (Word file)

Westward Ho!

Northward Ho!

 The Whore of Babylon

The Bloody Banquet

The Roaring Girl

If It Be Not Good, the Devil is In It

Troia Nova Triumphans

The Virgin Martyr

Match Me in London

The Wonder of a Kingdom 

The Noble Spanish Soldier 

The Tell Tale

Britannia’s Honour

London’s Tempe

The Honest Whore Part 1 – edited by Joost Daalder

The Honest Whore Part 2 – edited by Joost Daalder

(both courtesy of Digital Renaissance Editions)

Links to online modernised versions by Chris Cleary:

Blurt, Master Constable    The Honest Whore, Part One   The Bloody Banquet

The Roaring Girl